Betta sickness

Betta fish, because of there large fins, have a tendency to get fungal infections, this happens to may fish because the owner wasn’t prepared.

The most common sicknesses are cotton fuzz, A kind of fungus that grows on the fish, the early warning signs of this is: the fish flicking itself on decorations on the tank, white stuff starting to grow on the gills, this can normally be treated with quICK a type of antibiotic or an other antibiotic. (NOTE.this is sometimes found with fin rot, see below)

 Fin rot eats the fins of the fish. the early warning signs are: little holes in the fin of the fish, the fish seems drowsy and is floating on the surface of the tank. this is normally caused by dirty water or the fish cut itself on something in the tank. changing the water, removing the ornament that cut them, or treating them with jungle fungal treatment should help.

this is an example of fin rot, it has started to heal

Ick is little white spots on a fish, they are hard to see some time, if your fish starts looking drowsy, has a loss of appetite, or is just staying on the surface gulping air, check it for white spots. treat it with quICK and change it water.

pineconeing is when your fish’s scales sort of stick out, making it look like a pine-cone, this is normally a result of over feeding, constipation, or dropsy, to help the beta, if he is overfed just stop feeding it for a wile, the same is true for constipation, another thing you can do for constipation is to cut a pea in half and feed it to the beta, the pea will clean him out. 

pop eye is caused by a fungus in the fish’s eye that is causing it to swell, this is caused by dirty water ( wow lots of cause in that sentence ), change the water once every day for a fish that is in a two gallons or smaller, once a week in a larger tank, after the third change, treat water with antibiotics and continue changing water for another week or so.

parasites are small creatures on your fish normally around the gill and eye area, again caused by poor water conditions, change the water and treat with antibiotics or aquarium salt.


5 Responses to “Betta sickness”

  1. bettafishlover Says:

    Bettas are quite hardy fish, so most often every sign of disease comes from unsuitable living conditions (too many chemicals in the water, low temperature, wrong pH level, overfeeding, etc). Besides, a stressed betta fish is prone to sickness and diseases.
    Proper care usually prevents any diseases 😉

  2. Betta Fighting Fish Says:

    Wow, that doesnt look likeagood fin. Thats why its important to clean you tank.

  3. ray knaak Says:

    whatshould water tempeture be

  4. ray knaak Says:

    what tempeture water for betta fish

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